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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2018 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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social media giants and the crosshairs of the trump administration announces a probe over what it says is the intentional stifling of free exchange of ideas that as top tech executives admit to lawmakers that they were not prepared for the russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election also on the program thousands of farmers protest in the indian capital they feel left alone by a government that prefers to boast about the country's strong economic growth and as japan is facing an aging population and a labor shortage and the care sector now robots are picking up the slack. this is a business and person of color welcome to the u.s. department of justice warren wednesday of a possible legal crackdown on big technology companies over competition or political bias in a series of recent attacks president trumpet claimed that social media companies were pressing conservative voices you know it's meant by the d.o.j.
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came as executives from facebook and twitter were defending their policies before lawmakers. social media is a somewhat safer place these days if you believe top executives at facebook and twitter they spoke in front of a senate panel on the role of social media and spreading false information during elections facebook says it is now in an arms race against that receives we are more determined than our opponents and we will keep fighting when bad actors try to use our site we will block them when content violates our policies we will take it down and when our opponents use new techniques we will share them so we can strengthen our collective efforts and use it to interest c.e.o. jack dorsey said his company is that done a fine millions a suspect accounts every week. we've made significant progress recently on tactical solutions like identification of many forms of manipulation intending to
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artificially amplify information more transparency around who buys ads and how they are targeted and challenging suspicious logons and account creation. lawmakers are skeptical though and some are calling for talks the district or regulation. now for more let's bring in our wall street correspondent and scored against top notch social media executives admitting that things went wrong in the past but they're supposed to improve how did that go down on wall street. we saw losses specially when it comes to the stock of twitter a bit lost about six percent in value of facebook lost about two percent and is down since its all time high from early july by a good twenty percent what they're hearing showed is that it is difficult and probably old saw costly to make the necessary changes facebook for example said
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that they're using more artificial intelligence to prevent fake content so it's not an easy task it's a costly task and that's probably why wall street reacted in a negative way now google didn't send any representatives to the hearing despite being asked to do so what did investors make of that. well first of all congress wasn't too pleased by google not sending one of their top executives they offered to send it to neuer but that was not good enough for washington and that's why they have placed an empty chair next to it sheryl sandberg and jack dorsey so we will see if that was a wise decision from google to not send a top executive to stock also traded lower but not as much as facebook or twitter one senator had said before that he wanted to ask google questions about
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their chinese business and this has nothing really to do precisely with words was debated here on wednesday in washington social media giants in the crosshairs quarter reporting from new york against thank you. thousands of indian farmers marched on the country's parliament in delhi on wednesday and they staged this protest against a backdrop of poor living conditions bad harvests have often forced farmers to borrow money from dubious lenders at exorbitant rates this debt overload has forced tens of thousands of them into suicide now they demand more help from the government which prefers to boast about the country's strong economic growth. these farmers would rather protest and kill themselves but twelve thousand farmers a year in india choose death to despair over their debt burden and meager incomes the problem's been known for years and this is by no means the first protest but so
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far nothing's been done your mood is ever since narendra modi's government came into power all decisions are being taken against the well being of workers in this country workers have become hopelessly quadratic non-unionized laborers are so frustrated that i can't even describe it i think it's become very difficult for them to even feed themselves well i forgot what. the farmers want debt relief along with a raise in the state guaranteed minimum price for their produce the harvest is too small to earn a living during droughts and when it rains overproduction weighs on prices that's why they're now calling for a minimum price which is fifty percent higher than production costs but that would raise food prices when the government wants to keep them down. japan is a highly industrialized country facing big challenges probably greatest one how to
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deal with an ageing population but at the same time the workforce strength now the health care sector where the problem is particularly pressing is now increasingly relying on robotic help which can even come as a battery operated. the keynoter retirement and nursing home in tokyo is a microcosm of japan's health crisis an aging dwindling population and a serious labor shortage. nurse heater coal eater god he can feel it in her back. kitchen when he got down there some profession is exhausting the rate of people leaving the job is high and the number of newcomers is low it's very difficult there aren't enough of us but the thing that will be it will pick up here where the age pyramid is upside down and jobs are left unfilled intelligent hardware is now being developed for care assistance and
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communication and entire armada of devices and machines hospitals and nursing care are regarded as attractive future markets for intelligent machines. he sweet says mrs takahashi he stays up at night that's good for fighting thieves. paro is a battery operated cuddly seal he calms patients and communicates with them it's a big relief for the staff at the keynoter nursing home i don't know what i think it's good that we have power all with us now i'm sure it's very beneficial for our residents many here have alzheimer's some people understand it's a robot others don't. get. whether sophisticated toys or ingenious machines the future depends on an appropriate division of labor.
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so called care robots can support staff. but they don't replace them. or. this muscle suit is a kind of exoskeleton nurse each a god he wears it in spite of the weight of the suit stores kinetic energy when bending down and release is it again when standing back up it makes the patients easier to lift but these robots come at a price. you think you have to say see the company with the muscle suit is right here but there's no discount one cost six thousand euros just one this it's anything. but that doesn't hinder their development the home to other of the future will be using more computers more detectors and more automation.
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to cuba now where after years of u.s. trade sanctions and inefficient soviet style centralized economy people have learned to live with limited resources the response is what cubans probably refer to as in mental koba no subversively substituting everyday items for things that are short supply for example by showing that the strong stretchy characteristics of a condom can go a long way. you don't have to look far in just about any aspect of cuban life to find something like this a condom doubling at this rally as a balloon. condoms are so cheap and plentiful in cuba that they end up in the most unusual of places fisherman use them as barbers to float their hooks in the sea and every mechanic knows that a condom makes a terrific plug for a flat tire. the problem with all this repurchasing say health workers is that many people are liable to downplay the fact that condoms were actually invented for
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something completely different. from what they see the condom as a tool to use for other things if they really were made for like fishing and all those other things this isn't for fishing it's used to protect your life and the lives of other people about a little to head. up us all. cubans are natural born inventors it seems so it's no surprise that the strong stretching characteristics of the condom make it far more useful than its original brief of contraception and disease prevention. here or hobbyist has discovered the rubber has an excellent application in home winemaking he just covers a bottle of grape juice with a fresh condom and when the fermentation process is complete gas trapped in the balloon collapses signaling it's time for a drink. but you know about now that wraps up our show if you want more do check out our social media for now thanks for watching state of our.
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